University of Wolverhampton

B.Engg. (Hons) Civil Engineering

B.E.(Hons) Civil Engineering course is intended as your first step towards becoming a Chartered Civil Engineer and a practitioner in the global community.

Civil Engineers are responsible for the design, management, and construction of major infrastructure projects such as transport projects, bridges, major buildings, water supply, sewage, harbors and sea defenses.

Graduates from the BEngg (Hons) Civil Engineering program are characterized by their ability to develop appropriate solutions to engineering challenges by using new or existing technologies, through innovation, creativity, and change. Chartered Engineers are variously engaged in technical and commercial leadership and possess effective interpersonal skills as well as digital literacy.

What happens on the course:

60 credits per semester = 200 hours x 3 = 600/11 weeks = 50 hours of student effort/week. (Approx 12 hours of ‘formal’ lectures/week, 38 hours of directed/self-learning/week)


There are many significant employment opportunities in Civil Engineering with graduates working for contractors, consultants, local authorities, government and public bodies, the armed forces, and academic and research establishments.

What skills will you gain?

A BEngg (Hons) Civil Engineering graduate will be able to :

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