Trainer – Hospitality

Job Description:

1) Identify Student Needs and adapt teaching to accommodate students of different learning styles
2) Bridge the gap between students and industry.
3)  Coach, Mentor & Train Students to be employable as per industry standards and needs.
4) Follow the below points to ensure smooth function and student’s transition.

a) Planning for the program:

i)  Prepare Day wise schedule of the topics
ii) Plan and incorporate activities in the teaching plan (visits, guest lectures, group activities, seminars)
iii) Preparation of teaching resources: class presentations, case study material
iv) Preparation of student handouts and other study material
v) Plan and organize practical sessions for the subject assigned
vi) Preparation of Assignments and project work
vii) The methodology of delivery of the topics as per the vocational nature of the program
viii) Other details as required to teach the subject effectively

b) Delivery of the program:

i) Deliver lectures for subjects assigned
ii) Conduct practical sessions as per the course structure
iii) Guide the students in completing assignments and project work
iv) Plan and organize Industry Site visits – related to the theory topics taught
v) In coordination with the HOD – Interact with the industry for visits, guest lecturers placements

c) Assessment and development:

i) Conduct the assessment of the students as per the structure of the program: assignments, written exams, observation, etc.
ii) Monitor the progress of each student on the criteria laid for assessment and development and lay down plans for improvements
iii) Interact with the parents for sharing the progress of the students

d) Student Management and Internship:

i) Maintain the discipline management system that results in positive student behavior and enhance institute climate.
ii) Ensure that school rules are uniformly observed and the student discipline is appropriate and equitable in accordance with the student code of conduct and center
iii) Co-Ordinate with the Placement team and parents/students regarding internship interviews
iv) Arrange a timely meeting between placement team and students
v) Use appropriate techniques to encourage parent involvement

e) Personal Management:

i) To take care of the institute’s property and cleanliness of the work station/classroom/ lab assigned
ii) To take active participation in student’s welfare and setting up education standards, extracurricular programs, and various activities
iii) To adhere  to student assessments and evaluation towards theory, practical, weekend workshops and
internship task assessments and industrial visits
iv) To take initiative and active participation to enhance student’s performance, evaluation staff conference, and professional growth and accomplish self/student improvement goals

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant trade
Degree Equivalent to Bachelor’s in the relevant trade


Minimum 5 Years, should have a mix of both industry and academic experience