Admin Executive

Job Description / Key Responsibility Areas:

Admin related:

1. Manage the day to day Administrative activities of the centre

2. Ensure that all day to day updates with records on Student and staff data

3. Ensure relation with external agencies: Govt., partners, vendors

4. Coordinate within admin team to support the delivery of the academic process and guide them on their specific job roles

5. Coordinate the smooth functioning of all departments; each working individually and as a group

6. Submission of regular MIS to the management: Accounts, academic and administrative

Accounts related:

1. Fee collection and maintain individual student fee records

2. Maintain Centre Accounts with the Accountant

3. Follow Centre budgets, as per requirement of the HODs and CC

Support to teaching:

1. Ensure supply of material and equipment on time for academic training as per requirement from the HOD and CC

2. Ensure timely and appropriate arrangements events; in-house and outdoor to support learning as per requirement from HOD and CC

3. Ensure regular lectures are being conducted


1. Maintain the proper infrastructure of the premises

2. Maintain AMC of F&F, equipments, facilities

3. Maintain inventory records

4. Maintain proper repairs of the premises and equipments

5. Ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene in the centre

6. Record keeping of all incoming and outgoing of material and equipment

7. Determine the requirements for the future and present to the management to support the growth plan of the centre

8. Establish quality standards of checks on various services:

1. Security

2. Uniforms

3. Those affecting the domains of Teaching & Learning and

4. General safety of the environment.

Any other work as assigned by the Administration Manager and the management.