Academics Auditor

Job location: To be placed at Centre Level

Reporting to: Head – Academic


The academic auditor is responsible for the administration and efficient conduct of the educational program of the college and for integrating the plans of the college with the affiliating boards and industry requirements. 

He/she is the facilitating link among Centre Head, Academic co-ordinator, Department HODs, faculty members, staff, students, and management.

As an Academic auditor, He/she is audit the academic operations, review center MIS, assess Goal sheets of all academic staff, correspond to the registration and certification of candidates with respective boards. The Academic auditor is also responsible for communicating the progress report of all centers to the Academic Head & provide a recommendation to all the academic stakeholders to support them achieve their goals.


There are three parts to the role of Academics Auditor:




Additional responsibilities as assigned by the Head – Academics for Academic Affairs or Management.

Desirable characteristics

Successful candidates should: