Academics Auditor

Job location: To be placed at Centre Level

Reporting to: Head – Academic


The academic auditor is responsible for the administration and efficient conduct of the educational program of the college and for integrating the plans of the college with the affiliating boards and industry requirements. 

He/she is the facilitating link among Centre Head, Academic co-ordinator, Department HODs, faculty members, staff, students, and management.

As an Academic auditor, He/she is audit the academic operations, review center MIS, assess Goal sheets of all academic staff, correspond to the registration and certification of candidates with respective boards. The Academic auditor is also responsible for communicating the progress report of all centers to the Academic Head & provide a recommendation to all the academic stakeholders to support them achieve their goals.


There are three parts to the role of Academics Auditor:


  • Audit the center strategic planning and implementation of the curriculum defined
  • Coordinating the assessment and development of academic operations within the centers
  • Audit the effectiveness and implementation of the academic calendar
  • Observing lectures/practical’s and identifying the training needs of faculties and lab faculties
  • Auditing weekly/monthly center MIS for all trades, all centers
  • Overseeing the implantation of the center operational SOP
  • Audit the quality of program delivery
  • Initiate students feedback on a quarterly basis


  • Overseeing of faculty and staff selection and retention process
  • Plan, implement and assess the Training of Trainer (TOT)
  • Audit college administrators and staff in consultation with college faculty and staff
  • Evaluate Department HODs with departmental faculty and staff
  • Audit the goal sheet achievement of individual faculty, HOD, and department
  • Verify and present the summary of all academic staff KPI scoring


  • Plan and coordinate visits of various industry partners, prospective business partner, Pearson’s Standards Verifier (SV)
  • Register students on Pearson website
  • Carry out required documentation and carry out the process of applying and release of certification
  • Process certification for all part-time program and maintain its documentation
  • Develop, lead and encourage fundraising in support of the college’s goals as well as outreach and public service efforts
  • Oversee the process of maintaining student academic records

Additional responsibilities as assigned by the Head – Academics for Academic Affairs or Management.

Desirable characteristics

Successful candidates should:

  • Bachelor Degree required Master degree preferred or with a senior profile from the Academic background
  • Prior successful experience in academic program management, understanding of needs and circumstances of adult students, and ability to work as a member of a team required.  
  • Knowledge and experience with programs in the Vocational field very desirable.
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent organizational and administrative skills with and provide an attention to detail
  • Have an in-depth understanding of all documentation, duties, tasks, and procedures associated with the area for which they have responsibility
  • Strong administrative, management and leadership skills
  • Belief in the guiding principles of RAGC

HOD(Construction, Hospitality, Automobile, Electrical, Business)

Department: Academics
Work location: Pan-India
Education: PhD/Masters/BE/BTech in Relevant field
Experience: Minimum 7 years of Industry experience (Teaching/Training Experience would be an Advantage)
Job Description:

  • Monitor students progression related to the course material and industry standards,
  • He / She will closely monitor faculties and laboratory staff to ensure that the students are being vocationalize as per Board guideline & Industry requirements / needs,
  • He / She will bridge the gap between students and teaching staff to ensure maximum positive results.
  • He / She will over look the faculty KRA to Coach, Mentor & Train Students to be employable as per industry standards and needs.
  • Fill the gaps in crises and coach students when required


Co-ordinating the teaching and learning of the programs assigned
Prepare an annual academic plan for the course:

  • Number of teaching days
  • Flow of subjects
  • Topics and activities – date wise
  • Practical
  • Industry visit dates
  • Tests and exams

Assign subjects and topics to teachers

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Industry experts

To keep up to date with and respond to developments in

  • The subject area
  • Teaching practice and
  • Methodology

To develop and enhance the teaching practice of teachers in the specific department

  • To raise standards of student achievement within the whole curriculum area and to monitor and support student progress
  • Setting the assessment structure as laid down by the Board of education
  • Prepare and implement an assessment structure
  • Moderating assessment processes
  • To ensure students are vocationalize as per industry need and requirement
  • Ensuring timely and adequate provision of textbooks, materials, and equipment required for the effective teaching of the subject
  • Make appropriate arrangements for classes when staff is absent, ensuring continuation of the learning process
    To be accountable for leading, managing and developing the subject/curriculum area
  • Performing the duties of Faculty for a particular subject or group of subjects


  • Oversee day-to-day management, control and operation of academics progress within the department, including effective deployment of staff and physical resources
  • Implement School Policies and Procedures as per the schedule
  • Holding and leading regular departmental meetings and ensuring to keep the minutes
  • Interact with the parents for sharing the progress of the students
  • To monitor student attendance in relation to targets set; ensuring that follow-up procedures are adhered to and that appropriate action is taken where necessary
  • Assist the management in duties to prospective students


  • Coordinate with the Student Placement Manager for providing placement to the students on completion of the program
  • Create a network with industry for job placements
  • Ensure that the students joining for placement have skill sets required for the job selected

Staff Development

  • Ensure that staff development needs are identified and that appropriate programs are designed to meet such needs
  • Efficient and effective deployment of the Department’s support staff
  • Undertake Performance Management Reviews
  • Make appropriate arrangements for classes when staff is absent, ensuring continuation of the learning process
  • Participate in the interview process for teaching posts when required and to ensure effective induction of new staff in line with school procedures
  • Promote teamwork and to motivate staff to ensure effective working relations
  • Mentoring other teachers in the subject/level of their speciality
  • Continue personal professional development

Management of Resources

  • Ensuring that the stock keeping, maintenance and upkeep of equipment related to the subject at school is regularly carried out
  • Preparing specifications and budgets for the requirements of the subject specific teaching tools and equipment to meet the current and future needs


Any other work as assigned by the Dean and the management.

Faculty(Construction, Automobile, Electrical, Business, Hospitality)

Department: Academics
Education: BE/BTech from a recognized University
Location: Pan-India
Experience: Minimum 5 years of Industry experience (Teaching/Training Experience would be an Advantage)
Job Description:

  • A Faculty will identify Student Needs and adapt teaching to accommodate students of different learning styles
  • He / She will bridge the gap between students and industry.
  • He / She will Coach, Mentor & Train Students to be employable as per industry standards and needs.
  • He / She will follow below points to ensure smooth function and student’s transition.

Planning for the program:

  • Prepare Day wise schedule of the topics
  • Plan and incorporate activities in the teaching plan (visits, guest lectures, group activities, seminars)
  • Preparation of teaching resources: class presentations, case study material
  • Preparation of student hand-outs and other study material
  • Plan and organize practical sessions for the subject assigned
  • Preparation of Assignments and project work
  • Methodology of delivery of the topics as per the vocational nature of the program
  • Other details as required to teach the subject effectively

Delivery of the program:

  • Deliver lectures for subjects assigned
  • Conduct practical sessions as per the course structure
  • Guide the students in completing assignments and project work
  • Plan and organize Industry Site visits – related to the theory topics taught
  • In coordination with the HOD – Interact with the industry for visits, guest lecturers placements

Assessment and development:

  • Conduct the assessment of the students as per the structure of the program: assignments, written exams, observation, etc.
  • Monitor the progress of each student on the criteria laid for assessment and development and lay down plans for improvements
  • Interact with the parents for sharing the progress of the students

Student Management and Internship:

  • Maintain the discipline management system that results in positive student behaviour and enhance school climate.
  • Ensure that school rules are uniformly observed and the student discipline is appropriate and equitable in accordance with student code of conduct and centre
  • Co-Ordinate with the Placement team and parents/students regarding internship interviews
  • Arrange timely meeting between placement team and students
  • Use appropriate techniques to encourage parent involvement

Personal Management:

  • Taking care of institute’s property and cleanliness of the work station / class room / lab. assigned
  • Take active participation in student’s welfare and setting up education standards, extracurricular programs and various activities
  • Adherence to student assessments and evaluation towards theory, practical, weekend workshops and internship task assessments and industrial visits
  • Take initiative and active participation to enhance student’s performance, evaluation staff conference, and professional growth and accomplish self / student improvement goals




Lab Manager

Department: Academics
Education: Post-Graduate/Graduate/Diploma from a recognized university
Experience: Min 5 years of Work Experience
Location: Pan-India
Job Description: 

A laboratory Manager supervises and coordinates activities of students engaged in performing subject related practical’s, technical training, experiments and assignment as required to enhance their knowledge to be at par with the industry by performing the following duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensures all adequate resources are available for the students to perform practical
  • Ensures all students are adequately trained to safely perform all required practical and their equal learning and competency records are maintained.
  • Ensures compliance with all policy procedures in the laboratory
  • Laboratory Assistant will meet/exceed budgeted financial expectation regarding sales, profits, costs, and expenses as designed by the Lab Manager / HOD
  • Provides employee high level of Coaching and motivation and champions in the designated field to beat the industry standards and train the students as per industry requirements
  • Maintains an “open door policy” and communicates with students and faculties to promote empowerment and accountability.
  • Obtains and maintains an in-depth knowledge of local market requirements.
  • Understands coaching/training requirements and organizes lab procedures and schedules to provide for meeting/exceeding student knowledge.
  • Fosters student’s confidence in laboratory work to make them industry ready
  • Reviews local laboratory operations for all aspects of the continuous improvement process
  • Compiles and analyzes equipment information to determine operating efficiency and to diagnose problems and malfunctions.
  • Recommends measures to improve working procedures, use of equipment, and needs for new equipment. Conducts research to develop custom procedures as needed, working in conjunction with lab management / Faculty.
  • Handles required disciplinary matters in a fair and consistent manner and maintain open communication with the Lab Manager and the concerned department.
  • Represents Inspectorate by appearance and conduct, behaves ethically at all times, ensures compliance in all areas.
  • Ensures laboratory practices meet or exceed board guidelines and industry standards.
  • Reads understand and enforce Safety policies.
  • May on occasion be required to perform the duties of the Lab Manager
  • Establishes or adjusts work schedules to meet testing requirements and control costs.
  • Maintains time, training, calibration and records


Other duties as may be assigned by Laboratory Manager and/or HOD