About Rustomjee Group

Behind the creation of every landmark building is a vision that challenges the conventional notions of architecture, design, materials and thinking. Often, these structures shape more than just the environments and lifestyles of the people living in them; they shape the future blueprints of entire cities. At Rustomjee, it is our constant endeavour to transform the city with every building of ours. When we incorporate playgrounds and swimming pools into our designs, it’s not just to offer our customer better amenities, but to offer their children better childhoods. When we push ourselves to find innovative solutions, it is not so much to save costs, as it is to save our environment.

As a developer, Rustomjee has always believed that form follows function. This is evident in every aspect of our design and the way we plan homes. Rustomjee also lays special emphasis on the quality of its homes and expects everyone in the team to follow the rule of ‘Better, not cheaper’. We realise that buying of a home is more than just a transaction; it is the realisation of an important dream. Which is why, customer-centricity is the very essence of our brand DNA and the many satisfied customers we’ve had bear testimony to this fact.

About Rustomjee

Founded by Mr. Boman R. Irani in the year 1996, Rustomjee has heralded the rise of eco-friendly construction and outstanding designs. Over the years, Rustomjee has set several milestones and has earned an unmatched reputation.

Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers (RAGC)

RAGC was established in 2008 as a Vocational education and training division of Rustomjee Group. Since its inception, RAGC has successfully trained over 25,000 students. The Vocational institute as launched with the objective of making India the capital of skilled manpower by making vocational education as a prime choice in a student’s career.




To give a generation of Indian World-class skill-sets, go beyond mere employment opportunities, create an entrepreneurial spirit and promise them a better future.


RAGC is poised to grow!

Over the years, Rustomjee Academy for Global careers has been respected for being reliable, trustworthy, strong and capable to enough to bring about a revolution in the field of education. With a staff of around 300 professionals and a firm belief in ourselves, we have transformed the lives of 7000+ students and created a pool of industry ready manpower. Some time back, we had presented our mission statement as “Poised to grow” and “Our time is now”. We have proved it.

We have no qualms in saying that RAGC is now “A BRIDGE OF TRUST” which stands on the pillars of Convergence, Collaboration and Competitiveness. However, not to sit on our laurels, we ensure that our relationship with our stakeholders gets stronger with every passing year. We pledge to provide the best services, training and values to our stakeholders and make sure that the”bridge of trust” never weakens.

RAGC’s Achievements

We have been awarded A+ Grade by the Government of Maharashtra and obtained the title of the Best Vocational Training Provider by the UK India British Council & FICCI. Also, we were one of the finalists in the Times of India Social Impact Awards 2011.

Since its inception, RAGC has produced 25000 valued students who have made their presence felt and contributed progressively to the society. We are proud of our achievements and at the same time feel elated to see our students faring well professionally and making a positive difference in their families.

Without sounding boastful, here are some of our achievements;

Our Team